BitsLab IDE
BitsLab IDE is an out-of-the-box, configuration-free online development environment that supports end-to-end development of Move smart contracts. It is powerful, easy to use, user friendly, includes built-in tutorials, and supports plugin extensions.
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Major Features
An online code editor that requires no configuration, and supports Move code editing, compilation, testing, deployment, and calling.
Built-in lightweight package & object explorer, also integrated with SuiVision & Suiscan explorer.
Auto-recording object IDs from transactions, and auto-completion for object ID inputs in function calls.
Template project, providing best practice engineering codes for developers.
Tutorial resources and some beginner tutorials are provided, and even more can be built by the community.
File management supports developers to import and export project code, and supports project code sharing.
Plug-in mechanism, the editor supports the plug-in interface, and developers can enable and disable plug-ins.
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